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A Day

A Day
  • English:A Day
  • Korean: 하루
  • Release Date: 2017/06/15
  • Duration: 90分
day (Korean: 하루) is a movie. The Korean release date is 2017-06-15. The performance time is 90 minutes. Two men who lost their loved ones in an accident relive the same moment every day.
A mystery that follows the secrets of the day. Kim Myung Min, a doctor known as the Saint of War, died at the scene of a major traffic accident while on his way to an appointment for his daughter's birthday.
He discovers his daughter Eun-jung (Jo Eun Hyeong). The shock was short-lived, but the next moment he was back two hours before his daughter's accident. I try to somehow prevent the accident that day, but the result remains the same.
One day, when Joon-young was going through a hellish day where his daughter died every day, Min-chul (Byun Yo-Han), a man who had also lost his wife in an accident and was repeating that day, appeared in front of Joon-young.
Without knowing why, an unexpected accident causes time to stop, and the two work together to change the end of the day, but they cannot prevent death.
The two despair, having to watch the death of their loved one in front of their eyes every day, and discover that he is the one who killed Joon-young's daughter.
A mysterious man who calls himself appears. Joon-young and Min-cheol realize that this accident is not just an accident, but that there is some kind of secret hidden behind it... .
The Korean movie "One Day" is about two men who lost a loved one in an accident, and the story follows the same moments every day as they pursue the secrets of that day.
Telly thriller. Starring Kim Myung Min and Byun Yo Han.