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You Chae Myung


  • Hangul: 유재명
  • Birthdate: 1973/6/3 (age 50)
  • Height/Weight: 183cm/78kg

You Chae Myung (Korean: 유재명) is an actor. The actor has rapidly gained popularity in Japan through the hit TV series "Itaewon Class." .
Born on June 3, 1973. Height: 183cm. Weight: 78kg. Education: Busan University. Family: wife, son.
Korean management office: ACE FACTORY (as of 2021). 1997 play "Clumsy People". Representative work: [TV Series]
“TV Series Special - The Last Flashman” (10/KBS), “Light and Shadow” (11/MBC), “My Daughter Kong-nim” (11/SB)
S), “I Live in Cheongdam-dong” (11/JTBC), “God’s Quiz 3” (12/OCN), “The King 2”
Hearts” (12/MBC), “Angel’s Choice” (12/MBC), “Sword and Flower” (13/KBS), “Good Doctor” (1
3/KBS), “Angel Eyes” (14/SBS), “Kaikaikazen” (14/MBC), “Misen
-Misei-” (14/tvN), “The Blue Bird House” (15/KBS), “Mrs. Cop”
(15/SBS), “Reply 1988” (15/tvN), “I Absolutely Obey My Girlfriend” (16/JTBC), “Jealousy Incarnate” (16/SBS), “ good
'Wife' (16/tvN), 'Hwarang' (16/KBS), 'Strong Woman Do Bong-soon' (17/JTBC), 'Secret Forest' (17/tvN), 'Worldwide the most beautiful farewell
” (17/tvN), “Life” (18/JTBC), “Ping Pong Ball” (18/JTBC), “100 Million Stars Falling from the Sky” (18/tvN), “Confessions” (19/tvN), ``Itaewon Kura
' (20/JTBC), 'Vincenzo' (21/tvN), 'Hometown' (21/tvN), 'Insider' (22/JTBC), 'Sword of Poetry' (23/Netfli
x) [Movies] "Black Narcissus" (01), "Pigs" (05), "Blue Swallow" (05), "Decision of Life and Death" (06), "Defenseless City" (08), "Everywhere ” (09), “I fall in love with my hands” (0
9), ``The Jackal Comes'' (12), ``The War on Crime'' (12), ``The Human Forest'' (13), ``Apotheosis'' (13), ``Jump South'' (13), ``Monsters'' (14), “For the Emperor”
"Mini" (14), "Minor Club" (14), "Tunnel 3D" (14), "Informant" (14), "Scum: A Dirty Bet" (15), "Made in China" (15), “Large
Tiger' (15), 'Veteran' (15), 'Insiders' (15), 'Survivors' (16), 'Fourth Place' (16), 'No Secrets' (16), 'One ``Sun'' (17), ``VIP''
(17), “I Will Catch You” (17), “Drug Lord” (18), “Golden Slumber” (18), “Sinful Girl” (18), “Even After Spring” (18), “Feng Shui Master”
``The Man Who Decided the King's Destiny'' (18), ``Young Joo'' (18), ``The Snobbery'' (19), ``Soundless'' (20), ``The Secret Garden'' (20), ``Kingmaker:
Campaign Fox” (20), “Fire Officer” (21). Korean actor You Chae Myung is an actor whose popularity in Japan skyrocketed through the hit TV series "Itaewon Class."
He is over 180cm tall and has a model-like figure, and is said to be a little shorter than before, but if he changes his posture like actor Cho Seung Woo, he might still be able to grow.
I've been told this before. . Episodes/Anecdotes: - On October 21, 2018, I got married to a theater actress 12 years younger than me, with whom I had been dating for 5 years with the intention of getting married. .

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