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  • English:Vincenzo
  • Korean:빈센조
  • Original Network: tvN(2021)
  • Aired: 2021/02/20 - 2021/05/02
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Episode Review 2

Vincenzo (Korean: 빈센조) is a TV Series. Broadcast starts on 2021-02-20. The broadcast will end on 2021-05-02. The broadcasting station is tvN (2021).
This is a work about an Italian mafia lawyer who comes to Korea due to the betrayal of his organization, and how he and a veteran cold-blooded lawyer defeat the villains in their own way. .
Consiglieri is a lawyer who is in charge of legal advice, advisors, and strategy for the Italian Mafia.
Vincenzo (Song Joong Ki), who was the consiglieri of the “Casano Family”,
Due to Ori's betrayal, he leaves Italy and lands in Seoul, South Korea. Three years ago, he visited Geumga Plaza to find "that" hidden there, but everything was strange, even the old exterior and the people who guarded it.
was…. . The Korean TV series ``Vincenzo'' is about an Italian mafia lawyer who comes to South Korea due to betrayal by his organization, and uses his thug methods to kill villains with the help of a veteran and ruthless lawyer.
This is a work that describes how it is attached. Total EP20. Simultaneous STREAM on Netflix. Actor Song Joong Ki plays Vincenzo, who came to Korea from Italy, and Hong Cha-young, a lawyer from Woosan Legal Corporation, plays Vincenzo.
Actress Jeon Yeo Bin, Taecyeon (2PM) will play lawyer Jang Joon-woo from Woosang Law Corporation, actor Cho Han Cheul will play lawyer Han Seung-hyuk from Woosang Law Corporation, and Cha, chairman of Babel Group, will play the role of actress Jeon Yeo Bin.
Actor Kwak Dong Yeon will play Ng Han-seo, and actor You Chae Myung will play Hong Yoo-chan, a lawyer from Jipragi Legal Corporation.


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