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  • English:I
  • Korean: 아이
  • Release Date: 2021/02/10
  • Duration: 113分
kid (Korean: 아이) is a movie. The Korean release date is 2021-02-10. The running time is 113 minutes. Heartwarming comfort and healing for a single mother and babysitter
The work I drew. Kim HyangGi, a girl from the children's department graduation group who lived every day with a stronger life force than anyone else (her protection ended after receiving protection under the legal system). need money
Ah-young is a working mother who is raising her 6-month-old son (Hyuk) by herself, and becomes a babysitter for young child-rearing novice Young Chae (Ryu Hyeon Kyeong). .
The Korean movie "Children" is a heartwarming work depicting comfort and healing. A young girl played by Kim Hyang Gi is Young Chae (Ryu) who is raising a 6 month old child by herself.
A warm story that begins with her becoming Hyun Kyung's babysitter.