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Queen Seondeok

Queen Seondeok
  • English:Queen Seondeok
  • Korean:선덕여왕
  • Original Network: MBC(2009)
  • Aired: 2009/05/25 - 2009/12/22
Queen Seondeok (Korean: 선덕여왕) is a TV series. It began airing on 2009-05-25. It ended airing on 2009-12-22.
Broadcasting station is MBC (2009). Hot Topic historical drama depicting the first queen of Korea, "Queen Seondeok". Queen Seondeok, the first queen of Korea and the 27th king of Silla, was the
The story depicts the process of her rise to the top of the Korean peninsula. 'Queen Seondeok' is the first Korean TV series to depict the 7th century Silla period. The screenplay was written by Kim Jong-un, who also wrote 'Dae Jang Geum'.
- Yeonghyun. The role of "Queen Seondeok" is played by top actress Lee Yo Won. The viewer ratings exceeded 20%, and the acting showdown between her and Go Hyun Jung, who plays the heroine Mi-shil, is also a highlight.