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Fashion King

Fashion King
  • English:Fashion King
  • Korean:패션왕
  • Original Network: SBS(2012)
  • Aired: 2012/03/19 - 2012/05/22
Fashion King (Korean: 패션왕) is a TV Series. Broadcast starts on 2012-03-19. The broadcast will end on 2012-05-22.
The broadcasting station is SBS (2012). A story of young people's challenges, successes, love and desires. Sin Se Gyeong is the man who blackmailed Madam Cho (Sin Se Gyeong), who blackmailed her parents' property.
She manages to work at a boutique run by Jang Mi-hee while waiting for her acceptance letter from a fashion design school in the United States, but Madam Cho's surveillance keeps her from receiving any documents and leaving the boutique without being able to see them.
He was even accused of being an arsonist and was chased. Ga-young, who was wandering around Dongdaemun, ends up working as a sewing machine technician at a factory in Yongol (Yu A In), which is in fear because it cannot pay off its debts. Yo
Ngol thinks it's nothing, but she hits the jackpot with the clothes designed by Ga-young and ends up paying off her debt. Feeling sorry for Ga-young's difficult circumstances and past, Yong-geul pays for the plane ticket.
lend money to buy. Thanks to Yongol's kindness, Ga-young will go to the United States, but... . The Korean TV series "Fashion King" starts from Dongdaemun market and becomes a successful global designer.
depicting the stories of people who Yu A In, who has performed well in the TV series ``Tokimeki Sungkyunkwan Scandal'' and the movie ``Wandogi,'' will play the main character, Kang Yong Geol. The heroine, Lee Ga-young, is played by ``Roon''.
Sin Se Gyeong of ``Deep Tree''. In addition, notable young actor Lee Je Hoon, who appeared in ``Kohichi Sen'', and YURI from the girl group ``SNSD (Girls' Generation)'' will also appear.

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