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Yuri(Girls’ Generation)


  • Hangul: 유리
  • Birthdate: 1989/12/5 (age 34)

Yuri (Korean: 유리) is a talent, singer, and actress. The genre of music is dance. Healthy beauty of the girl group "SNSD (Girls' Generation)".
Born December 5, 1989. Hobbies/special skills: reading, dancing, acting, swimming, sports.
Korean management office: SM Entertainment. 2007 <SNSD (Girls' Generation)> "The world we met again".
Representative work: [Music] (Activities as a group <SNSD (Girls' Generation)> are omitted) 2018 "Into You" [MV] TVXQ "Beautiful
Life” (06), K.Will “Tears are dripping” (09) [MC] “Show! MUSICCORE” (& TIFFANY) (09) [Variety] “Undefeated Youth” (09-10)
, "Night and Night - Animals" (15/MBC). Korean singer YURI's real name is Kwon YURI. In 2001, he won the Main Prize in the dance division of the 1st SM Youth Best Selection Competition, and practiced for about 6 years.
After a while, it became "SNSD (Girls' Generation)". He has appeared in movies and TV series and has a reputation for acting. In addition, he has been active in a wide range of fields, as he has served as an MC for music programs. Also known as a health enthusiast. .
Episode/Anecdote: On April 20, 2015, he admitted to dating professional baseball player Oh Seung Hwan (Wu Seong Hwan).
・On October 15, 2015, he admitted to breaking up with Oh Seung Hwan (Wu Sung Hwan). .

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