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When a Man Falls in Love

When a Man Falls in Love
  • English:When a Man Falls in Love
  • Korean:남자가 사랑할때
  • Original Network: MBC(2013)
  • Aired: 2013/04/03 - 2013/06/06
When a Man Loves (Korean: 남자가 사랑할때) is a TV Series. Broadcast starts on 2013-04-03. The broadcast will end on 2013-06-06.
The broadcasting station is MBC (2013). An orthodox love story depicting the love and conflict between four men and women.
Han Tae-san (Song Seung Heon) is Seo Kyung-wook (Kang Shin)
When he goes to Il's house to collect the overdue money, he meets his daughter Seo Mi-do (Sin Se Gyeong). The sight of Mido desperately fighting against the yakuza reminds me of myself when I was young... .
The Korean TV series ``When a Man Loves'' is a classic love story in which a man falls in love with his dead boss's wife and meets another young woman. grew up in the underworld
The main character, Han Tae-sang, is a brave man who hides the scars of being abandoned by his mother when he was a child.He is a greedy, young man who is greedy to improve his status, but is similar to Song Seung Heon from ``East of Eden'' and ``Dr. Jin.'' Around that time
The heroine, Seo Mi-do, who overcomes all kinds of trials and insists that there is nothing to be afraid of in the world, will be played by Sin Se Gyeong, who is also known for ``Fashion King'' and ``A Tree with Deep Roots.'' Also, “Brothers of Karasu Bridge”
Yeon Woo Jin, who starred in ``The Legend of Arang'', will play the role of Lee Jae Hee, who is involved in a love triangle with these two.

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