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My Love from the Star

My Love from the Star
  • English:My Love from the Star
  • Korean:별에서 온 그대
  • Original Network: SBS(2013)
  • Aired: 2013/12/18 - 2014/02/27
You come from the stars (Korean: 별에서 온 그대) is a TV Series. Broadcast starts on 2013-12-18.
The broadcast will end on 2014-02-27. The broadcasting station is SBS (2013). A romance between an alien who came to Earth 400 years ago and a top star! .
404 years ago, a man from the stars came to the land of Joseon, a university lecturer named Do Minjoon (Kim Soo Hyun)! Before I leave Earth in three months, there is one woman I definitely want to meet again. 2013, Korea
A woman who transcends national borders and is a star in Asia, the goddess of Korean Wave, Jeong Song Yi (Jeong JIHYO)! He wants to meet again the man who saved him when he was about to die when he was little.
Unable to find each other, these two meet as a university lecturer and a student, but... . Korean TV Series “You Who Came from the Stars” is a flight recorded in the Joseon Dynasty Annals in 1609 (1st year of Gwanghae)
A fictional story based on a story about objects appearing, a miraculously sweet romance between Do Minjoon, an alien who came to Earth about 400 years ago, and Korean goddess and top star Cheon Song Yi.
draw a scene. Kim Soo Hyun, who played well in the TV series ``The Moon Embracing the Sun'' and the movie ``Ten Thieves,'' will play the role of Do Minjoon, and actress Jung, who is also known in Japan for her roles in the movie ``Mysterious Girlfriend,'' will play the role of Do Minjoon.
JIHYO N will play the role of Cheon Song Yi. This will be Jeon Jihyon's first appearance in a TV series in 14 years.・January 19, 2022, Amazon starring Sota Fukushi and Mizuki Yamamoto
It has been announced that the original TV series "My Love from the Stars" will be streamed exclusively on Prime Video from February 23rd.

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