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New Normal

New Normal
  • English:New Normal
  • Korean: 뉴 노멀
  • Release Date: 2023/11/08
  • Duration: 113分
new normal (Korean: 뉴 노멀) is a movie. The Korean release date is 2023-11-08. The running time is 113 minutes.
Korean stars Choi Ji Woo & Lee YuMi and talented acting idols Minho (SHINee) & P.O (B
K-thriller presented by rock B) and others! . In a lonely era where eating alone has become the norm, what are the horrifying events that occur in daily life when people who are burdened with loneliness and fatigue pass each other...
. . The Korean movie "New Normal" depicts unpredictable things that happen to six people in four days in Seoul in 2023.
Actress Choi Ji Woo plays Hyun Jeong, a woman who doesn't smile.
Actress Lee YuMi plays Hyun Soo, a job-hunting student. Minho (SHINee) plays Hoon, a lonely college student who is looking for a good match.
Trot singer Jeong Dong-won plays Seung-jin, a middle school student. Actress Ha Da In plays Young Jin, a convenience store worker who hates humans.
play. PO (Block B) plays Gijin, who is addicted to a shameless romance.