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Love Song for Illusion

Love Song for Illusion
  • English:Love Song for Illusion
  • Korean:환상연가
  • Original Network: KBS(2023)
  • Aired: 2024/01/02 -
Fantasy Sonata (Korean: 환상연가) is a TV Series. Broadcast starts on 2024-01-02. The broadcasting station is KBS (2023).
A fantasy historical drama romance created by the PD of ``The 7 Day Queen'' and the screenwriter of ``Life's Best Gift ~Welcome to Samgwang House~''
. A man wanders through a labyrinth of pain carrying emotional scars from his childhood, but when he comes to truly love a woman, he finds a reason to live.
A man believes that his love for a woman is true love, without knowing that it has turned into extreme jealousy and obsession.
Two men with opposite personalities love the same woman. The two men love and compete with each other in their own ways, but their love can never coexist.
Because they live in one body... . The Korean TV series ``Illusion Love Song'' is a drama depicting the love between a man with two contradictory personalities.
Ntaji period drama romance. Based on the web comic of the same name. Actor Park Ji Hoon plays the role of Crown Prince Sajo Hyun, who loves one woman with all his heart and knows the reason for his life.
Actor Park Ji Hoon plays the dual role of Akuhi, the crown prince's other personality who believes that long-term attachment and jealousy is true love.
Actress Hong Yeji will play Yeon Wol, the only daughter of the famous Mr. Yeon.
Prince Sajo Yoon is played by actor Hwang Hee.
Actress Ji-woo will play Empress Geum-hwa (Jin Chae-ryong).
Actor Kim Tae Woo plays King Sajo Sun. Actress Woo Hee-jin will play Yoon's mother, Princess Jeong-myeong, in the Seragyu.
Actor Kang Shin Il will play Geum Hwa's father Jin Moo Dal.
Actress Hwang Seok-jeong will play the role of the priestess Chun-ta.



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