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Alienoid Part 2

Alienoid Part 2
  • English:Alienoid Part 2
  • Korean: 외계+인 2부
  • Release Date: 2024/01/10
  • Duration: 122分
Aliens + Humans Part 2 (Korean: 외계+인 2부) is a movie. The Korean release date is 2024-01-10. The running time is 122 minutes.
A sequel to director Choi Dong-hoon's ``Space + People Part 1,'' which was particular about the lines of the movies ``Tacha'' and ``Assassination.'' .
Trapped in the past while trying to prevent the escape of an alien prisoner trapped inside a human body.
After many twists and turns, Ian (Kim TaeRi), who has been trapped, recovers the "divine sword" that can open the door of time, and attempts to return to the future he left in search of Thunder (Kim WooBin).
Ru. Meanwhile, Muluk (Ryu Jun Yeol), who helps Ian in every crisis, feels confused by the mysterious presence inside his body. Misumiyama 2 suspects that there is a monster inside Muruku.
The human gods Fuksol (Yum Jung Ah) and JungWoon (Jo WooJin), the blind swordsman Nungpa (Jin SunKyu) who tries to regain his sight by stealing the rumored divine sword, and the divine sword in hand.
Ja-jang (Kim Ee-sung) starts chasing Ian and Moul-k, who tries to let them in. Currently, many people are being killed by the space substance "Haba", which was detonated by the designer of an escaped alien prisoner.
After his death, Gein (Lee Hani) accidentally witnesses an alien and learns that this is just the beginning. Only 48 minutes remain until all the hubs explode. Finally open the door of time
Ian returns to the present with Muruk, Thunder, and the two divine beings. You must fight against the aliens, prevent Haba from exploding and save people! . Korean movie “Space + People”
"Part 2" is about the end of Goryeo, when a door of time opens between the Taoists who are trying to obtain the rumored divine sword and the people who are chasing an alien imprisoned in a human body in 2022.
A sequel to the bizarre science fiction action film ``Space + People Part 1.'' Actor Ryu Jun Yeol plays the role of Mulk, a Taoist who tries to obtain the divine sword.
Actor Kim Woo Bin plays a robot guard who manages the transport of alien prisoners.
Actress Kim TaeRi plays Ian, the woman who shoots lightning.
Actor So Ji Sub will play Moon Do-seok, the leader of the 3rd powerful unit of Seoul's Dongdaemun Police Station.
Actress Yum Jung Ah plays Fuksol, the god of Mount Sankaku. Actor Jo Woo Jin will play Jung Woo Jin, the divine angel of Mt.
Actor Shin Jeong-geun will play Woo-wan, a cat duo who lives inside Muruk's fan. Actor Lee Si-hoon will play Za-wan, a cat duo who lives inside Muruk's fan.
. Actress Lee Hani plays Min Gae-in, who is concerned about the identity of the guard.