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Branding in Seongsu

Branding in Seongsu
  • English:Branding in Seongsu
  • Korean:브랜딩 인 성수동
  • Original Network: U+モバイルtv(2024)
  • Aired: 2024/02/05 -
Branding in Seongsu-dong (Korean: 브랜딩 인 수동) is a TV Series. Broadcast starts on 2024-02-05.
The broadcasting station is U+ Mobile TV (2024). Exclusive to Japan & simultaneous STREAM in Japan and Korea at Lemino! Seongsu-dong, the mecca of branding
Romance thriller TV series set in the background. Eun-ho first meets Naon (Kim JiWoon), a brand marketer from Seongsui Agency, who came to campus for a special lecture. On this day, Uno
is fascinated by Naon and has developed a sense of respect for her. However, Naon, the ideal senior he met at Seisui Agency, is an evil man who doesn't mind trampling on the truth or people in order to succeed.
He was the devil's team leader. Eunho, who wants to become a marketer with integrity, ends up bumping into Naon every time something happens. .
Korean TV Series “Branding in Seongsu-dong” is a branding mecca, Seongsu-dong.
A romance thriller TV series that depicts the events that take place in a cave, where a difficult marketing team leader and an intern experience a change in their souls after an unexpected kiss.
Actress Kim Ji Woo will play Kang Na Eon, head of the marketing team at Seongsui Agency.
Actor Lomon will play Seo Eun-ho, an intern at Seongsui Agency.
Actress Yang Hye Ji will play Do Yoo Mi, a marketer who is close to Naon.
He plays Cha Jung Woo, the art director of Seongsui Agency.
Played by Yu Kim Ho Young. Actress Choi Soo-ah will play Jennie, an influencer affiliated with Seongsu Agency. Actor Kim Young Jae plays Song Soo-dong, an intern at the same time as Eun-ho.


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