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Parasyte: The Grey

Parasyte: The Grey
  • English:Parasyte: The Grey
  • Korean:기생수: 더 그레이
  • Original Network: Netflix(2024)
  • Aired: 2024/04/05 -
Parasitic Beast: The Gray (Korean: 기생수: 더 그레이) is a TV Series. Broadcast starts on 2024-04-05.
The broadcasting station is Netflix (2024). Hitoshi Iwaaki's Japanese manga "Parasyte" has been turned into a Korean TV series and streamed on Netflix! "King of Pigs" and "Hell is Calling"
A highly anticipated new work from director Yeon Sang-ho. An unidentified parasite appears from somewhere. Infiltrators use humans as hosts and build up their power while committing murder. Humans who try to prevent this are parasitic.
Fight against things... . The Korean TV series "Parasite - The Gray" is about an unidentified parasite that uses humans as hosts and tries to control the whole body, causing chaos in human society.
A sci-fi thriller depicting the battle between humans and parasites who stand together to stop the rise of this evil being. All EP6. Actress Jeon SoNee plays Jeon Soo-in, who is infected with a parasite.
Actor Koo Kyo Hwan plays Seol Kang-woo, who searches for parasites to find his missing sister. Actress Lee Jo plays Choi Joon Kyung, the head of the parasite specialist team ``The Gray.''
Played by Ng Hyun.



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