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  • English:Hierarchy
  • Korean:하이라키
  • Original Network: Netflix(2024)
Hiraki (Korean: 하이라키) is a TV Series. The broadcasting station is Netflix (2024). Bae Hyun-jin's latest work of ``Big Mouth'' and ``Beyond Souls'' is a Netflix series
To! . A transfer student harboring a secret appears at Chushin High School, where the top 0.01% rule the law and order, and a rift appears in their tightly protected world... .
The Korean TV series "Hierarchy" features Chushin High School, which attracts the top 0.01% of students and boasts the highest level of educational services in Korea. However, a mysterious turn
With the arrival of school students, cracks appear in the unyielding order that had been built. The High Teen TV Series is a mix of love, friendship, and revenge between 18-year-olds. All EP7.
Actress Roh Jeong Eui will play Jeon Jae, the eldest daughter of the Jae Yul Group, which has a rivalry with the Chu Shin Group.
Actor Lee Chae Min plays Kang Ha, a transfer student from Chushin High School who has a secret behind his bright smile. Kim Lia is the successor of the Chushin Group and ranks first in the ranking of Chushin High School.
Ng is played by actor Kim Jae Won. Actress Ji Hye Won plays Yoon Hae Ra, the youngest daughter of International Yoon, one of the country's leading trading companies.
Actor Lee Won-jung plays Lee Woo Jin, the second son of a family that has produced politicians for generations.