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Roh Jeong Eui


  • Hangul: 노정의
  • Birthdate: 2001/7/31 (age 22)
  • Height/Weight: 163cm

Roh Jeong Eui (Korean: 노정의) is an actress. A talented actress who has appeared in many advertisements and has been active as a child actress. Born on July 31, 2001.
Height: 163cm. Education: Department of Theater and Film, Hanyang University. Family: parents, older sister. Korean management office: Nam Actors (as of 2022). 2011 movie “I Am a
Dad.” Korean actress Roh Jeong Eui is an acting talent who has been active since she was a child actress. She is a next-generation actress who has appeared in numerous advertisements. .
Episodes/anecdotes:・From April 3, 2022, actors Seo BumJun & Yeonjun (TXT) will appear on SBS “Popular
Serves as MC of "Kayo". .

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