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A Profitable Cage

A Profitable Cage
  • English:A Profitable Cage
  • Korean:수지맞은 우리
  • Original Network: KBS(2024)
  • Aired: 2024/03/25 -
We're in trouble (Korean: 수지맞은 우리) is a TV Series. Broadcast starts on 2024-03-25. The broadcasting station is KBS (2024).
A new work directed by Park Ki-hyun, who has been in charge of Hot Topic's "Ilil TV Series" such as TV Series "Typhoon Bride" and "Red Shoes"! .
Suzy (Ham Eun-jung), a nationally known psychiatrist, is busy as the star doctor and the signboard of Haedeul Hospital.
There is. Meanwhile, Woori (Baek Seong Hyeon), who has finished his career as a public relations worker on Paran Island, is assigned as a psychiatrist at Haedul Hospital.
The Korean TV series “Uri with Suzy” (1 EP, 20 total) is about a star doctor who crashes and a reckless novice doctor.
A work depicting the creation of a family with a new concept of mutual healing, spiritual victory, empathic romance, and breaking the family register. Actress Ham Eun-jung plays Jin Suzy, a psychiatrist and the talent who received the first offer.
. Actor Baek Seong Hyeon plays Choi Woo-ri, a perfect doctor who is talented, humorous, and full of a sense of justice. Actress Choi Sun-young plays Woo-ri's mother and the owner of the Korean restaurant ``Garden House.''
Played by Oh Hyun Kyung. Actress Kang Byul plays Suzy's younger sister Chin NAYEON. Actor Shin Jeong-yoon will play Han Hyun-sung, the head of Haedeul Hospital's corporate planning department.
Actor Im Ho plays Kang Woo-chan, a sub-chef at the Korean restaurant ``The Big House.''


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