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A Profitable Cage

A Profitable Cage
  • English:A Profitable Cage
  • Korean:수지맞은 우리
  • Original Network: KBS(2024)
  • Aired: 2024/03/25 -
We're in trouble (Korean: 수지맞은 우리) is a TV Series. It will start airing on 2024-03-25. It is broadcast by KBS (2024).
This is a new work by director Park Ki-hyun, who has been in charge of Hot Topic's "Il-Il TV Series" such as "Bride of the Typhoon" and "Red Shoes".
Suzy (Ham Eun-jung), a nationally renowned psychiatrist, is busy as the star doctor at Haedul Hospital.
Meanwhile, Woori (Baek Seong Hyeon), who has finished her life as a PR officer on Parang Island, is posted to Haedul Hospital as a psychiatrist...
The Korean TV series "Uri with Suzy" (1 episode, 20 episodes) is about a fallen star doctor and a reckless novice doctor.
The drama depicts the creation of a new concept family with healing for both sides, spiritual victory, empathetic romance, and breaking the family register. Actress Ham Eun-jung plays Jin Suzy, a psychiatrist and the most popular talent.
Actor Baek Seong Hyeon plays the role of Choi Woo-ri, a perfect doctor who is skilled, humorous and filled with a sense of justice. Actress Choi Sun-young plays Woo-ri's mother, who runs the Korean restaurant "House with a Large Garden."
Actress Oh Hyun Kyung will play Suzy's younger sister Jin Nayeon will be played by actress Kang Byul. Actor Shin Jung Yoon will play Han Hyun Seong, the head of the management planning department at Haedul Hospital.
Actor Im Ho plays Kang Woo-chan, the sous chef at the Korean restaurant "House with a Large Garden."



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