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Baek Seong Hyeon


  • Hangul: 백성현
  • Birthdate: 1989/1/30 (age 35)
  • Height/Weight: 181cm/68kg

Baek Seong Hyeon (Korean: 백성현) is a talent and actor. A handsome actor who has been active since he was a child. Born on January 30, 1989.
Height: 181cm. Weight: 68kg. Hobbies/Special Skills: Games, watching movies/Basketball. Education: Faculty of Media, Performance and Film, Chuo University.
Korean management office: sidusHQ. 1994 film ``I Want, What I'm Forbidden''. Representative work: [TV Series]
“Lover” (96/MBC), “I Want to See You Again” (98/MBC), “Heo Jun” (99/MBC), “Golden Age” (00/MBC), “Beautiful Days” (01
/SBS), "Cheok's Sword" (03/MBC), "Stairway to Heaven" (03/SBS), "Age of Heroes" (04/MBC), "Sea God" (04/KBS), "Accidental Couple" ( 0
9/KBS), ``Big'' (12/KBS), ``Love on a Song'' (13/KBS1TV), ``Voice'' (17/OCN), ``Voice 4'' (21/tvN), ``Love is on a Song'' (13/KBS1TV), Blindness - second time
"Love" (22/KBS), "Koryo-Khitan War" (23/KBS) [Movies] "The Scent of a Man" (1998), "Marathon" (05), "ET at My School" (08), "Clouds" Like the moon that has fallen out of
'(10). Korean actor Baek Seong Hyeon is a child actor who made his acting debut at the age of 5. In Korean TV series such as ``Beautiful Days,'' ``The Sword of Chaeok,'' and ``Stairway to Heaven,'' the main characters are children.
He also performed well during his time and was in the spotlight from an early age. She is also active as a model and in music videos. . Episodes/anecdotes:・Lee MIN JEONG will appear on KBS “Big” starring GongYoo and Lee MIN JEONG
He is playing the role of the younger brother. .

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