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Chief Detective 1958

Chief Detective 1958
  • English:Chief Detective 1958
  • Korean:수사반장 1958
  • Original Network: MBC(2024)
  • Aired: 2024/04/19 -
Investigation Team Leader 1958 (Korean: 수사반장 1958) is a TV Series. Broadcast starts on 2024-04-19.
The broadcasting station is MBC (2024). Simultaneous STREAM on Disney+! The director of the movie "Confidential" became a Hot Topic with his first TV series production.
The Korean TV series "Investigation Team Leader 1958" (all EPs 10) is set in 1958, an era of barbarism, about a detective who specializes in arresting cattle thieves and three unique colleagues.
A TV series that depicts how he becomes a criminal, breaks down the absurdity of corrupt power with common sense, and is reborn as a detective for the people. Actor Lee Je Hoon plays Park Yong Han, a detective from the Investigation Team 1 of Jeong Nam Police Station.
Ru. Actor Lee DongHwi will play Kim Sang-soon, a detective from the Investigation Team 1 of Jeongnam Police Station. Actor Choi Woo Sung plays Cho Kyung Hwan, a rice store employee at Jeong Nam Market.
Actor Yoon Hyun Soo plays Seo Ho-jeong, a student at Hanju University who is preparing to study abroad. Actress Seo EunSu plays bookstore owner Lee Hae Joo.
Actor Choi Duk Moon plays Yoo Dae-cheon, the head of the 1st investigation team at Jeong-nam Police Station.


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