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Frankly Speaking

Frankly Speaking
  • English:Frankly Speaking
  • Korean:비밀은 없어
  • Original Network: JTBC(2024)
  • Aired: 2024/05/01 -
Episode Review 1

There are no secrets (Korean: 비밀은 없어) is a TV Series. It will start airing on 2024-05-01. It is broadcast by JTBC (2024).
A humorous melodrama TV series starring Ko Kyung Pyo and Kang Han Na about a childish and foolish man who turns his life around. Ki Baek (Ko Kyung Pyo) was electrocuted and became unable to lie after that.
Woo-joo (Kang HanNa) has a hunch that this will be a new continent for Etty. Ki-baek ends up on her variety radar, and the two of them begin to change their lives...
Korean TV series "Honestly!?" (12 episodes) is about the passionate variety show starring Song Ki-baek, who has become an uncontrollable tongue-hulk.
It is a humorous melodrama TV series about a childish and foolish man who meets TV show writer On Woo-joo and experiences a reversal in his life. Actor Ko Kyung-Pyo plays Song Ki-baek, an Ultra FM host.
Actress Kang HanNa plays variety's scriptwriter On Woo-ju. Actor Joo Jong Hyuk plays the popular entertainer Kim Jung Heon.
Actress Lee Bom will play Lee HA YOUNG, a member of On Woo Joo's writing team.


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