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이사장님은 9등급

  • English:이사장님은 9등급
  • Korean:이사장님은 9등급
  • Original Network: Wavve(2024)
  • Aired: 2024/04/29 -
The Chairman is level 9 (Korean: 이사장님은 9등급) is a TV Series that starts airing on 2024-04-29.
The broadcasting station will be Wavve (2024). ABEMA will be broadcasting the show simultaneously and exclusively in Japan and Korea! Moon SungHyun, who will be the MC for "SBS Inkigayo", and Hyun from "CIX"
Even though many notable actors such as Moon Sung Hyun appear in this film, it is still a hot topic. Moon Sung Hyun is a delinquent high school student who is confident in his fighting but not good at studying. His father is not around and he only has one-way communication with him.
However, he had no financial problems. However, one day, he was shocked to learn that his father had passed away and that in his will he had been entrusted with the management of Pare High School, one of the most prestigious private high schools in the country.
Savoring hatred towards his father, Is decides to become the school's president while plotting something. However, there is one condition...
The Korean TV series "Chairman of the Board 9th Grade" is about a delinquent student who becomes the chairman of a prestigious high school left by his father, and the man who does everything perfectly in his difficult family life.
The story revolves around a student council president who is a tough student at a prestigious high school. Actor Moon SungHyun plays Na Yi Soo, a second-year student at Pale High School who is also the school's chairman.
Actress Kim Si-kyung plays Han Ba-tan, who has always been number one in his school since he enrolled, possessing everything from looks to personality and ability.
Hyun-seok (CIX) plays the handsome and athletic Poo Ro-woon.


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