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Red Swan

Red Swan
  • English:Red Swan
  • Korean:화인가 스캔들
  • Original Network: Disney+(2024)
  • Aired: 2024/07/03 -
What's Wrong with the Scandal (Korean: 화인가 스캔들) is a TV Series that starts airing on 2024-07-03.
The broadcasting station is Disney+ (2024). A new work from the director of the popular TV series "The Greatest Love" and "Queen Seondeok"! Kim Ha Neul x Jun Ji Hoo (Rain)
The Disney+ original series co-starring. The Korean TV Series "Red Swan" is about the life of Nao Foundation's president, whose life is threatened by a battle for inheritance over the Fine Group, which is the top 1% of the Korean economy.
The story follows the director and her bodyguard as they confront the secrets of the Fine Group. Actress Kim Ha Neul plays Oh Wan Soo, the chairman of the Now Foundation, who has gained worldwide fame through her charitable activities.
Rain plays Seo Do-yoon, who infiltrates the Fine family to seek revenge and becomes Wan-soo's bodyguard.
Actor Jung Ki plays Kim Yong-guk, the heir to the Fine Group and Wang Soo's husband.
The role of Fine Group's chairman, Park Mi-ran, is played by actress Seo Yi-Sook. The role of Fine Group's chief lawyer, Han Sang-il, is played by actor Yoon Je-moon.
Actress Shin Suzy-yeon plays Secretary Yoon, who serves as Wan-soo's secretary, and actress Ki Eun-se plays Jang Tae-ra.

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