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Night Light

Night Light
  • English:Night Light
  • Korean:불야성
  • Original Network: MBC(2016)
  • Aired: 2016/11/21 - 2017/01/24
white way (Korean: 불야성) is a TV Series. Broadcast starts on 2016-11-21. The broadcast ends on 2017-01-24.
The broadcasting station is MBC (2016). A TV series depicting the process of fierce competition between the sleepless lights of greed to become the masters of that light. .
Yi-kyung (played by Lee Yo Won) wants Se-jin (played by Yui from "AFTERSCHOOL") to be her for just one hour... .
In the Korean TV series "Nightless City", the light of greed that never sleeps engages in a fierce battle to become the owner of the light.
A TV series depicting the process of Actress Lee Yo Won will play the role of Seo Yi-kyung, a cold-hearted businessman who has the wealth and ability to manipulate the people around him with his shrewd charisma. Actor Jin Goo is in the play,
He will play the role of Park Geun-woo, the son of the chairman of Moojin Group, who has excellent intelligence, good looks, and cold judgment. She is also a member of the girl group "AFTERSCHOOL" and is also very active as an actress.
Uee will play the role of Lee Se-jin, who wants to escape from poverty and become like Seo Yi-kyung. Produced by Lee Jae-dong who directed the TV series “Thank you” and “I miss you”
The drama will be directed by Sir, and written by Han Ji-hoon, who has worked on TV series such as ``The Time of Dogs and Wolves'', ``Road Number One'', ``Dr. Jin'', ``Temptation'', and ``The Last''.

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