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Something in the Rain

Something in the Rain
  • English:Something in the Rain
  • Korean:밥 잘 사주는 예쁜 누나
  • Original Network: JTBC(2018)
  • Aired: 2018/03/30 - 2018/05/19
A pretty older sister who always buys me food (Korean: 밥 잘 사주는 예쁜 누나) is a TV Series.
Broadcast starts on 2018-03-30. The broadcast will end on 2018-05-19. The broadcasting station is JTBC (2018).
A work depicting a man and a woman who used to be "just acquaintances" but fall in love and turn into a "true love". .
When Jin-ah (Song Ye-jin) says goodbye to Gyu-min (Oh Ryoong), who she thought was her last love, the only person who comforts her is her best friend Kyung-sung (Jang So-young).
When Jin-ah learns from Kyung-sung the reason for their breakup, she decides to fight back. Jin-ah, who has not yet healed from the pain of the breakup, becomes the owner of a troubled store and suffers from a ``business problem'' when she returns to Korea for the first time in three years.
Kyung-sung's younger brother Jun-hee (Jung Hae-In) appears... . The Korean TV series ``The Beautiful Older Sister Who Buys Me Things Often'' is about a man and a woman who used to be ``just acquaintances'' who fall in love.
A work that depicts how things turn into "true love." Actress Song Yeji-in plays Yoon Jin-ah, representative of the coffee company's franchise management team, and actress Jang Seo plays Kyung-sung, a close friend who is like family to Jin-ah.
Actor Jung Hae-In will play Jun-hee, the younger brother of Yeon and Kyung-sung and an art director at a game company.

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