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River Where the Moon Rises

River Where the Moon Rises
  • English:River Where the Moon Rises
  • Korean:달이 뜨는 강
  • Original Network: KBS(2021)
  • Aired: 2021/02/15 - 2021/04/20
Episode Review 1

Episode Review 2

river where the moon rises (Korean: 달이 뜨는 강) is a TV Series. Broadcast starts on 2021-02-15.
The broadcast will end on 2021-04-20. The broadcasting station is KBS (2021). The fate of General Eun-dal, whose love for Princess Pyong-gang, whose life was all about Goguryeo, became history.
A work that depicts the pure love between two people who do not give in. . Byeong-gang (Kim So-Hee-yeon) goes on a tour with his mother Queen Yeon (Kim So-Hee-yeon, 2nd role) and meets On-hyeong in the village of Sunnabu, one of the five tribes.
He meets General Pu's son Tal (Jisoo)... . The Korean TV series ``River Where the Moon Floats'' depicts the pure love between two people who do not succumb to the fate of the general Ondal, who made history the love of the princess Pyeonggang, whose life was all about Goguryeo.
The work I drew. Total EP20. Actress Kim So Hee-young plays Byeong-gang/Yom Ga-jin, the daughter of the Goguryeo king. Actor Jisoo plays On Dal, the son of On Hyeop, the former head of the Sunnyabu tribe.
. Actor Lee Ji Hoon will play Go Gon (Gong), the eldest son of Go Won Pyo, a nobleman from Gyeongbu. Actress Choi Yu Hwa will play Hae Mo-yeon, the adopted daughter of Hae Ji-wol, a nobleman from the Sunnyabu district.

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