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Kim SoHyun


  • Hangul: 김소현
  • Birthdate: 1999/6/4 (age 24)
  • Height/Weight: 165cm

Kim SoHyun (Korean: 김소현) is a talent, actress, and child actor. Also pay attention to play the role of YUCHUN's younger sister in the TV series "The Girl Who Sees Smells"! Hot Topic who turned from a famous child actor into an acting school
actress. Born June 4, 1999. Height: 165cm. Korean management office: Ium hashtag (as of 2022). 2008 TV Series "Legendary Hometown".
Representative works: [TV Series] "Hometown of Legend" (08/KBS), "Wife and Woman" (08/KBS), "Phantom Princess Chamyunggo" (08/SBS), "Children of Heaven" 』(
09/SBS), “I Love You Ten Million Times” (09/SBS), “The Birth of a Celebrity” (10/KBS), “Baking King Kim Takgu” (10/KBS), “Jakbae” (11/MBC) ),"stomach
Rose Bird” (11/KBS), “Padam Padam” (11/JTBC), “Moon that Embraces the Sun” (12/MBC), “Rooftop Prince” (12/SBS), “Love Again” ( 12/
JTBC), "I Miss You" (12/MBC), "Iris 2" (13/KBS2), "Secret of Birth" (13/SBS), "I Hear Your Voice" (13/SBS), "Suspicious Housekeeping" woman
(13/SBS), "Reset" (14/OCN), "The Girl Who Sees Smells" (15/SBS), "Who are
You-School 2015” (15/KBS2TV), “Monarch-Masked Master” (17/MBC), “Choco Loco-Nokdoojeon”
(19/KBS), "Love App Love Alarm" (19/Netflix), "Moon Floating River" (21/KBS), "Love App Love Alarm
Season 2” (21/Netflix), “A Useless Lie – A Secret You Can’t Tell Anyone” (23/tvN) [Movie]
"Spy Papa" (09), "Destroyed Man" (10), "Neighbor's Crimes" (11), "I'm a King"
is! (12), Murder Cartoon (The Webtoon: Teaser Murder). Korean actress Kim SoHee Young is an actor who became famous as a famous child actor. In addition to the actress, MBC music program "MUSICCORE"
” MC (2013-14), active in many fields. In 2015, she also received attention for playing the role of YUCHUN's younger sister in the TV series "The Girl Who Sees Smells". 2012, "The 1st K-
TV Series Star Awards" Child Actor Award, "MBCDrama Awards" Female Child Actor Popularity Award, 2013, "SBSDrama Awards" New Star Award, "MBC Entertainment Awards" Show Variety Newcomer Award, 2014
, 'MBC Entertainment Awards' Program Popularity Award, 'KBSDrama Awards' Series Short Act Award, etc. .

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