Group EXO's Sehun will begin his substitute service on December 21st. BAEKHYUN supported Sehun as he completed his military service as the last member of EXO.
On the 13th, Sehun posted a handwritten letter on the fan platform Weverse, saying, ``I will complete my military service on December 21st.
We apologize for being late in telling the news to Love's name." She continued, ``Recently, I've been spending time alone and taking time to look at myself and think deeply.''
Spent. Because of this, I can't show my face to everyone, so I greet you like this. I hope you will understand that I am coming without being able to greet you in person."
At the same time, he said, ``I am truly grateful to everyone who takes care of me. I hope everyone stays healthy until we meet again. I will come back healthy.''
added. Sehun's management office SM Entertainment said, ``From December 21st, he will begin his alternative service as a social service worker.
We ask for your understanding as we will not disclose the location or time," the official statement said. In response to the news of Sehun's admission, BAEKHYUN also posted on the fan communication platform "Dea".
rU bubble" comforted the fans. BAEKHYUN said, ``The announcement of Sehun's army has been released. I'm sure L (EXO-L) and others are very frustrated, but Sehun also
The other members also think of EXO and L and the others, so on the day we all meet, let's have a big party. Sehun, I want you to come and tell me a lot about your former self."
I got it. He continued, ``My heart is sad, I miss him, and I don't want to see him off...I know how he feels.When I went there and during my military service, I saw and listened to everyone's words.Secretly.
During my military service, I watched countless EXO stages and solo stages on YouTube. Sehun probably misses L and the others a lot too. johnny
The same goes for Kai. That's why I told him to come and be a former member.'' I consoled him. At the same time, he said, ``In 2024, not only me, but all members of EXO will be reunited with El and others in various ways.''
We are ready to fill the vacancies of members of While I was doing that, time passed again and the complete body of "EXO" was quickly revealed! And now it's time for the award ceremony! Fu…I did it,” he said mischievously.
He attracted attention by teasing the year 2024 where he will work hard. Meanwhile, Sehun, who will begin his substitute service on the 21st, is scheduled to be demobilized on September 20, 2025.

By chunchun 2023/12/13 23:51 KST