Seo In Guk boasted that he made tvN history with the TV series "Reply 1997." On the 12th, the YouTube channel “Channel Jugoya” posted the following message: “Eating meat will kill us.”
It's not nun, right..? A video titled "Na Young Seok's Jiggle Jiggle" has been posted.
The released video includes the actors who co-starred in the TVING original series "I'm about to die".
Seo In Guk and Park SoDam made guest appearances. Producer Na Young-seok (hereinafter referred to as Na PD) said, ``I heard that ``I'm About to Die'' has been extremely well received.''
talked. Seo In Guk said, ``There's a bit of a fuss right now,'' and ``It seems like it's okay to be a little cheeky.''
In response, Park SoDam said, ``Oppa (Seo In Guk) is in charge of being a bit cheeky.
I'm embarrassed,'' and PD Na responded, ``Seo In Guk is in charge of being cheeky, and Park SoDam is in charge of being humble.''
On this day, Na PD mentioned Seo In Guk's 2012 tvNTV Series ``Reply 1997''.
Na PD said, ``'Reply 1997'' is a legendary work,'' adding, ``At that time, no one watched the tvNTV Series.''
. There was a time when no matter what TV series we aired on tvN, the viewer ratings were at 0%.'' Park SoDam told Seo In Guk, "So oppa wrote a new history for tvN?"
Seo In Guk then praised himself and said, ``I created a new history (for tvN).''

By minmin 2024/01/12 21:41 KST