*Contains plot summary and spoilers. In the TV series "Doctor Slump," Park Sin Hye identified the true identity of Park Hyung Sik's "former girl" Lee Sung Kyoung.
In JTBC's Saturday and Sunday TV series "Doctor Slump," which aired on the 11th in South Korea, Nam Ha-woo is jealous of the appearance of Lee SungKyoung, who liked Yeo Jeong-woo (Park Hyung-sik) when he was a student.
The figure of Park Sin Hye was drawn. On this day, Yeo Jeong-woo and Nam Ha-neul met Yeo Jeong-woo's former member Sam (Lee Sung Kyoung) while walking on the street together.
The three of them met for the first time in a while, said hello, and headed to the cafe. Meanwhile, Lee SungKyoung surprised the two by saying, ``We had a good relationship with each other.''
Yeo Jeong-woo looked flustered, and Nam Ha-neul tapped Yeo Jeong-woo to see his expression, something he didn't know.
But she said, ``It was really cool back then.
She's still cool, but...'', she said, igniting a fire in Nam Ha-neul's heart.
Nam Ha-neul was jealous, saying, ``He was so mean to me, but to someone else he seemed like the male protagonist of an internet novel.''
Nam Ha-neul, who was in a bad mood, bumped Yeo Jeong-woo on the shoulder and ran away, and Yeo Jeong-woo was taken aback by the situation and couldn't say anything.
Meanwhile, the Saturday TV series ``Doctor Slump'' is broadcast every Saturday and Sunday at 10:30 pm in Korea.

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