Outdoor brand K2 announced on the 13th that it has selected actor Jo In Sung as its new brand model.
K2 is pursuing Jo In Sung's strong charisma and trustworthy image.
We announced that we chose him as the new face of the brand because it fits well with our brand image. K2 is challenging various roles, and Jo In Sung, who is showing a unique presence, is constantly gaining attention through her charm.
He explained that he expects that K2's brand story, which is based on a challenging spirit, will be well communicated and expressed.
Next, Jo In Sung looked charismatic in the recent photo shoot.
He added that he showed a variety of charms ranging from carefree to easygoing, and perfectly wore a variety of outdoor looks from extreme to lifestyle.
K2 Marketing Team Director Shin Sung-chul said, ``We will persistently take on a variety of characters and show our irreplaceable presence.
Jo In Sung's charm matches well with the brand value that K2 pursues, so we decided to select her for the new model."
I hope you look forward to the synergy that Song and K2 will create." On the other hand, starting with the SS season pictorial release, Jo In Sung will be working exclusively with K2 along with existing model Suzy.
She plans to start full-scale activities as a model.

By minmin 2024/02/13 09:40 KST