The first stills of MBC's new Fri-Sat TV series ``Wonderful World'' where Cha EUN WOO's wild masculinity explodes have been released and are attracting attention.
On the 13th, the ``Wonderful World'' side announced that Cha EUN WOO, who played the role of ``Kwon Sung Yul'' in the drama and teased an unprecedented transformation, will be filming for the first time.
Shadow stills has been released. MBC's new Fri-Sat TV series "Wonderful World", which is scheduled to be broadcast for the first time in South Korea on March 1st, is about Eun Soo-hyun (Kim Nam Ju), who personally punished the murderer who killed her son.
) is a human suspense PENG SOO thriller that uncovers mysterious incidents related to that day. “Kwon Sung Yul”, played by Cha EUN WOO, grew up in a wealthy family but had a difficult life of his own.
He is a mysterious young man who has chosen. Cha EUN WOO in the released stills is different from the warm and friendly appearance he showed during that time, and has a strong impression with clear blood stains on his lips and a defiant gaze.
I'm gushing out Lisma. In addition, Cha EUN WOO makes you wonder why he chooses to ride a motorcycle and choose such a difficult life.
In particular, ChaEUN WOO is seen repairing a car alone in a dark junkyard, showing off his wild masculine beauty with his muscular arms.
vinegar. Above all, with stills alone, Cha EUN WOO is raising expectations with her never-before-seen appearance, from her facial expressions to her visuals.
In addition, Cha EUN WOO is the mysterious character of “Kwon Sung Yul”
The ever-changing emotions of Tar are delicately expressed to enhance the sense of immersion. Meanwhile, MBC's new Fri-Sat TV series "Wonderful World", which is the most anticipated work in the first half of 2024, will air on March 1st at 9:50 p.m.
It will be broadcast for the first time on MBC in 2020 and will also be released on Disney+.

By minmin 2024/02/13 10:18 KST