Actor Kim Seon Ho started his ``2024 Asia Tour'' in Bangkok, Thailand. Kim Seon Ho held the ``2024 KIM SEONHO'' event in Bangkok, Thailand on the 3rd.
ASIA TOUR in BANGKOK <Color+Full>'' was held to meet local fans and kick off the second Asian tour.
Kim Seon Ho appeared on stage after releasing his fan song ``Miracle'' for the first time.
He greeted everyone in Thai, saying, ``I'm happy to meet you. Let's have a fun time together today,'' which was met with enthusiastic cheers.
During the color talk, which was held according to the concept of "Color + Full," Kim Seon Ho talked with fans about his impressions of visiting Bangkok, what he liked, and his current situation.
We had an intimate time together. Kim Seon Ho personally saw off his fans by performing a high five with about 4,000 fans after performing his fan song "The Reason I Call You."
did. Kim Seon Ho, who started his second Asian tour following 2023, will perform in Osaka on April 5th, Tokyo on April 7th, Manila on April 13th, Seoul on May 4th, and Jakarta on July 27th.
We will continue our Asia tour.

By minmin 2024/02/16 22:55 KST