Actor Ahn HyoSeop successfully completed his encore performance in Japan and gave his 8,000 fans a passionate time.
On the 12th, the last encore performance “AHN HYO SEOP ASIA TOUR〈THE
PRESENT SHOW in TOKYO〉'here and now' Once more'' was held together with 8,000 fans who filled Tokyo Garden Theater.
It was a hot end to the 8-month long culmination. The first song is JUNG KOOK's solo song "Standing Next To" from BTS.
Ahn HyoSeop, who appeared on stage while singing "You", talked about the current situation that fans are interested in, played various quizzes and games, and talked with the band.
They even performed a live stage performance. Following the strong opening, Ahn Hee talked about the year-end award ceremony, her appearance on the Japanese talk show "Tetsuko's Room", and her plans for 2024.
Yo-seop continued his frank talk. In the second half of the Fan Meeting, a live stage consisting of songs that he personally selected and prepared added meaning to this encore performance.
I got it. Ahn HyoSeop's Asian tour ``THE PRESENT SHOW - here and now'' is the first time Ahn HyoSeop has met global fans since his debut.
This is an event to meet. This Asian tour, which attracted 50,000 people, was expanded to 10 cities with additional encore performances confirmed and held in 5 cities.

By minmin 2024/02/16 23:27 KST