The main promotion schedule of J-Hope of BTS, who teased a new project in March, has been released.
At midnight on the 20th (Korean time), J-HOPE posted “HOPE ON THE” on BTS’ official SNS.
We have posted a promotion schedule image depicting the content schedule of the "STREET" project.
This schedule includes the schedule for the special album “HOPE ON THE STREET VOL.1” and the documentary series of the same name.
is. According to the promotion schedule, you can hear J-HOPE's preview cut on the 22nd, the album preview on the 24th, and some of the recorded songs from the new album on the 27th.
A highlight medley will be released. On March 28th, the official motion video of the title song will be released.
The picture teaser will be open.
Next, J-HOPE will release the title song's official motion on March 29th at 1:00 p.m.
Together with the picture, a special album "HOPE ON THE STREET VOL.1" will be released simultaneously worldwide.
In particular, the mysterious content expressed as a question mark symbol was located on the 30th, the day after the release, and was popular with global fans.
It heightens curiosity and anticipation. The documentary series “HOPE ON THE STREET” will also entertain fans with various promotional contents.
Masu. The teaser trailer will be unveiled on the 29th, and the main poster and trailer will be unveiled on March 7th and 14th, respectively.
On March 28th, the day before the release of the special album, online video services will be released.
The first episode will be released on TVING (OTT) and Prime Video. On the other hand, J-HOPE will appear on “HOPE ON THE
For the “STREET” project, we have planned a special album and a documentary series of the same name.
J-HOPE shares the material of “dance” which is his source and inspiration.
We plan to simultaneously create music and video to express the message we are trying to convey to the public in three dimensions.

By minmin 2024/02/20 09:13 KST