"BTS" JIMIN is steadily gaining love on "Pandora". Recently, according to the music streaming platform “Pandora”, JI
MIN recently surpassed 70 million total streams. Pandora, which is only available in the United States, is available on Spotify, Apple Music (Apple
Music), it is one of the three major music streaming platforms in the United States.
As of the 14th, JIMIN's streaming numbers were 71 million, and his solo album "FACE"
” contributed the most to these numbers. “FACE” is currently recording approximately 46.3 million streams. In the album “FACE”, the title song “Like
Crazy” made the biggest contribution. The song has received over 40 million streams in total between the original and English versions.
This record makes him realize his special popularity. On the other hand, JIMIN is JUNG
Along with KOOK, he enlisted in the Army in December 2023. Their expected discharge date is June 2025.
By chunchun 2024/02/20 00:16 KST