CUBE Entertainment's (hereinafter referred to as CUBE Entertainment) new boy group has entered its debut countdown.
On the 20th, Seoul's Seongsu, Hong Dae, Gangnam, and Yeonnam
South) QR posters announcing "NOWADAYS" were posted all over the area. When you scan the QR code on the relevant poster, you will be connected to a video introducing "NOWADAYS"
will be done. The video features the team name “NOWADAYS” and “Curious,” “Dreamy,” “Youthful,” “Different,” “Fine,” and “Lovel.”
The use of various adjectives in the text, such as "y" and "Mysterious," is eye-catching.
I was informed by the name of the team. A large number of QR posters announcing the group were unveiled in places called "Hot Places" in Seoul, confirming that their debut was imminent.
``NOWADAYS'' is a boy group debuted by CUBE Entertainment for the first time in 8 years and has collected Hot Topics. The exact team composition and personnel have not yet been disclosed, but
Fans' expectations were raised when it was announced that Kim Hyun Bin, who showed off his charm and ability through 'Produce X101', would be joining the five-member group as a member.
The countdown to their debut has finally begun, and people are paying attention to how ``NOWADAYS'', which CUBE Entertainment put their heart and soul into, will grace the K-Pop world.
I'll be inside.

By minmin 2024/02/23 19:02 KST