Kim Hye Soo is proud of her flawless beauty. On the 5th of this month, Kim Hye Soo posted a recent photo on her Instagram with the comment "Makeup room Kim Musu".
Ta. In the published photo, Kim Hye Soo is looking off to the side with her bangs up. Kim Hye Soo's natural appearance is attracting attention as she prepares for filming with a script in her hand.
. Kim Hye Soo shows off her natural beauty and boasts a flawless visual. Meanwhile, Kim Hye Soo will appear in the Disney+ series "Trigger" scheduled to be released in the second half of this year.
The film is about the lives of Oh SEOLHYUN, the team leader with a strong sense of justice for the investigative reporting program ``Trigger,'' which pursues cases that neither prosecutors nor police can solve, and Han Do, an ``Amakudari producer'' with zero social skills.
This is a work that depicts the story of Ken's survival.
By Corin 2024/03/05 17:04 KST