KEY of the group "SHINee" re-proves his trustworthy variety sense through TVING's original mystery variety show "Crime Scene Returns".
did. ``Crime Scene Returns'' is a role-playing mystery game in which participants who become suspects and detectives find the criminal hiding among them.KEY is a newcomer this season.
I participated as a member and led the program in an interesting way. In particular, KEY has a total of 5 episodes with repeated plot twists, and features a relentless clue-searching ability, sharp deduction skills, and advanced
He impressed viewers with his success in identifying the culprit through psychological warfare and his ability to dupe everyone and obtain the prize money.
Not only key groom, key police, key security, key blind faith, key corporation
He not only immersed himself in his role under the name Cho and gave a realistic performance, but also created a pleasant chemistry with the cast members, which made the viewers very entertained.
During that time, he appeared on variety shows such as MBC's "Single Man's Happy Life (I Live Alone)" and tvN's "Surprising Saturday."
KEY, who has exuded an irreplaceable presence, once again showed great success in "Crime Scene Returns" and proved the value of the name "Almighty Key".
It makes the viewers look forward to seeing him come. On the other hand, "SHINee" to which KEY belongs will hold the Asian tour "SHINee WORLD VI" in Hong Kong on March 16th.
[PERFECT ILLUMINATION] in ASIA" will be held to meet with fans.

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