The music video for BTS's V's new song "FRI(END)S" proved its popularity by taking first place on the global music video chart after its release.
The music video for V's digital single "FRI(END)S", which was released on March 15th, debuted at No. 1 on YouTube's World Trend Music category from the first day.
It achieved great popularity by taking first place consecutively. She is also the first K-POP artist to appear on the music video chart of Tidal, the world's three largest global music platform.
The highest record has been updated. The music video for “FRI(END)S” became the first K-pop artist to rank at number 1 on Tidal’s “Daily Top Video Chart” in the US.
It also ranked number 1 on Tidal's UK Top Video Chart. V is listed on Tidal's Top Video Chart in the UK for his solo album Layover.
After becoming the first K-POP artist to top the charts with ``Love Me Again,'' this is their second top spot with ``FRI(END)S.'' "FRI(END)S" is British "
It also reached number 1 on the Apple Music video chart. No. 1 on Apple Music's Top Music Video Chart in India, Singapore, and Nepal;
It was ranked 1st in the ``K-Pop Music Video Chart'' section of Rance's ``Apple Music'' and 2nd in Germany.
``FRI(END)S'' expresses the desire for romance to end after a long relationship as friends through the lyrics. Mu
- In the SICK video, it stimulated the imagination of the viewers by showing two diametrically opposed versions of V, just like the parallel theory. In the music video, V is the complete opposite of when he was single and when he was a couple.
The situation was portrayed with delicate facial expressions and emotions, and was well received. MTV Music, the UK company that shot the music video, has posted "FRI(END)S" on their official account.
``This song has been playing around in my head. It's the music video I've watched the most this week,'' he said, and even two weeks after its release, it still continues to be popular.
It has proven to be extremely popular.

By chunchun 2024/04/03 00:26 KST