Onew from the group SHINee announced a new department at GRIFFIN ENTERTAINMENT, a new planning company. GRIFFIN
ENTERTAINMENT announced the news of an exclusive contract with Onew on the 3rd. GRIFFIN
ENTERTAINMENT CEO Jang Moon Sung said, ``We are looking forward to starting Onew's new journey together.''
I'm glad it's happening. "We will spare no effort to actively support GRIFFIN ENTERTAINMENT in many ways so that it can become a haven for artists."
Ta. Onew has released a new profile picture along with the news of Exclusive Contract. Onew, wearing a warm knit, shows off a more mature charm.
Her calm gaze gives off a soft charisma. Onew himself also posted on his Instagram, “@griffinenter
@dlstmxkakwldrl #griffin #onew You've been waiting for a long time, haven't you? thank you! I posted a new profile picture with the comment "
. Onew, who became GRIFFIN ENTERTAINMENT's number one artist, debuted with "SHINee" in 2008, and has been active not only as a group but also as a solo artist.
I was very active. He has solidified his position as a vocalist with popular appeal and fandom, holding solo concerts between Korea and Japan.
Fans are overjoyed to see Onew's face for the first time in a while, as he has been on hiatus since last year due to poor health.

By minmin 2024/04/03 09:45 KST