BTS' JIN has proven his immense popularity by regaining the number one spot on Shazam Japan, the world's largest music search platform.
JIN's first solo single "The Astronaut" reclaimed the number one spot on the Shazam Japan Top 200 chart on April 5th. It reached number one again the following day, the 6th.
After regaining the throne, it topped the charts for two consecutive days, demonstrating its immense popularity and influence.
"Astronaut" continues to receive a lot of love.
"The Astronaut," released on October 28, 2022, is a song in which JIN sings with the world-famous band Coldplay.
The song is JIN's first solo single, and he co-composed, wrote the lyrics, and performed with 'ay'. It is a Korean song that is like a gift to his fans, filled with love before he enlists in the military.
JIN's "The Astronaut" achieved 100 million streams in 72 days on the world's largest music platform "Spotify" immediately after its release, and at that time, he was the Korean male KP
It set a new record for the shortest time for an OP solo song to be streamed. As of April 5th, it has recorded 376,396,232 streams.
Meanwhile, JIN, who enlisted in December 2022 and is serving as an assistant instructor at the 5th Army Division Recruit Training Center,
It is scheduled to be discharged in June.

By chunchun 2024/04/07 23:42 KST