Jun. K of 2PM released a photo of himself with Nichkhun, who came to support the concert. Jun.
On the 7th, K posted a photo on her Instagram along with the caption, "I missed you too."
In the photo, Jun. K is seen holding a slogan that reads, "I missed you too," and Nichkhun is seen holding a slogan that reads, "MINJOOon, I missed you."
The two's perfect harmony makes even the viewers smile. Netizens who saw this commented, "MINJOO was the best," "I was really happy with the performance. The best. Oppa's performance
"I was so moved by the video that I can't put it into words. It was so cool," "Thank you for making another happy memory like this," and other responses were given. Meanwhile, Jun.
K will be performing at the solo concert “Command
C+Me" was held.
By 編集部 2024/04/07 23:47 KST