Actor Park Shin Yang shared his latest developments after switching to painting. On the 16th, Park Shin Yang posted a video on his Instagram without any comment.
The video shows Park Shin Yang working on a painting and his artwork. It also announces that Park Shin Yang's solo exhibition will be held.
Fans who saw the post commented, "I went... it was an opportunity to think differently," "The work is so wonderful," and "I always... always support you."
"I will definitely go see it." Meanwhile, Park Shin Yang made his debut in the play "Hamlet" in 1986, and has appeared in TV series "Lovers in Paris" (2004) and "The Money War" (2009).
He has produced many hits, including "The Conflict" (2007), "Signs" (2011), and "Villain Lawyer Jo Deul-ho" (2016).
Park Shin Yang has been active as a painter for the past 10 years, producing around 130 works.
He was accepted into the Master's program in Fine Arts at Andong National University in 2021 and recently completed his exhibition "Park Shin Yang: The Fourth Wall."

By minmin 2024/04/16 20:36 KST