The group n.SSign will begin promotions for their third title song, "Love, Love, Love Love Love!"
On the 18th, n.SSign released the third title song "Love, Love, Love" from their second mini album "Happy &" through their official SNS.
In the released photos, the nine members are showing off their nine different boyish beauty against a lovely pink background.
Dressed in colorful and refreshing outfits, the members gazed into the camera with bright and pure expressions, capturing the hearts of their fans.
"Love, Love, Love Love Love!" is an easy-going song that sings about the refreshing love that makes all the ordinary things in daily life special.
It's a heartwarming number. The members' singing voices match the heartbeat-like drum sounds, doubling the excitement.
Following the release of "&", n.SSign continues to work energetically, unveiling triple title songs.
They released their first title song, "Happy
&” and the second title song “FUNK”
JAM" and showed off her unique charm.
Upon the release of "&", it was ranked #1 on the K-POP Top Songs chart on iTunes in Japan, a candidate for #1 on music shows, and a hit in the initial sales.
They also set a meaningful record in terms of performance, including achieving a career-high in sales. n.S Sign, who proved their infinite potential through the success of their comeback activities, is back with the new single "Love, Love".
Expectations are high to see what kind of image change and growth she will show through "Love Love Love!"
"n.SSign" is the third title song, "Love, Love, Love Love
Love! will continue their activities.

By minmin 2024/04/18 21:55 KST