The group "RIIZE" has been selected as the new image mascot for Coca-Cola Korea's carbonated beverage "Fanta."
On the 18th, Coca-Cola Korea launched Zal, a refreshing drink with a lively personality.
It has been revealed that RIIZE, an icon of the phas (Generation Z + α) generation, has been appointed as the new image character for the beverage brand Fanta.
"RIIZE" includes the debut song "Get A Guitar", "Talk Saxy", "Love
All the songs released, from "119" to "Siren" which was officially released on the 3rd of this month,
They are a boy group that has been gaining attention as a "super rookie" by reaching number one on major music stream charts in Korea.
Coca-Cola Korea is promoting the new era with its simple charm and lively personality.
"RIIZE is growing as an icon in the entertainment industry and is a perfect fit for the refreshing and fun blend of Fanta, which is why we chose her as the model."
The advertising campaign, which showcases the appeal of Fanta, which can be enjoyed refreshingly in everyday life together with RIIZE, is scheduled to be released on the 22nd.
A Coca-Cola Korea official said, "We recently launched the 'Fanta'.
"Zero Orange" is growing as a super rookie, so I think he's a great player now.
"I think they have a lot in common with the popular 'RIIZE'," he said, adding, "I hope people will pay close attention to the fresh chemistry that 'Fanta' will show together with 'RIIZE'."

By minmin 2024/04/18 22:14 KST