Behind-the-scenes photos of TVXQ member Changmin's profile shoot have been released. On the 18th, SM
ACTIST's official Instagram said, "Actor Shim Changmin's musical profile
Behind the scenes photo: Benjamin even when he's still. When Ben Changmin Baton appears, the revolving door button is turned on. Musical
See you at Se Jeong Cultural Center in May #Shim Changmin #SHIMCHANGMIN @changmin88
#Musical #Benjamin Button #Musical_BenjaminButton @emk_musical #Activist
The photo was posted with the comment and hashtag #SM_ACTIST. In the published photo, he is dressed as Benjamin Button in a chic suit.
Changmin is showing off his amazing looks. Meanwhile, the musical "The Benjamin Button" in which Changmin will appear is based on the movie "The Benjamin Button".
Based on a short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald, also famous as the basis for "A Curious Case of a Man," EMK will present a new production in 2024.
The musical will open on May 11th and run until June 30th at the Sejong M Theater in Seoul.

By minmin 2024/04/18 23:27 KST