BTS' JUNG KOOK ranked first among male solo artists who sold the most albums worldwide in 2023. JUNG
KOOK is the latest member of the International Federation of the Photo Industry (IFPI)'s 2023 Global Album Sales Chart.
The solo album "GOLDEN" released in November last year ranked 7th in the "2023" ranking. This is JUNG KOOK's first solo full album since his debut in 2013.
He was ranked first in the IFPI's "2023 Global Album Sales Chart" for the most album sales by male solo artists worldwide in 2023, earning the title of "global pop star."
The IFPI Global Album Sales Chart is a compilation of physical album sales and digital downloads sold worldwide each year.
"GOLDEN" is ranked by the IFPI's 2023 Global Album Chart.
2023) and Jungkook is the only Korean solo artist to be included.
He made history by becoming the first K-pop solo artist to enter the top 20.
KOOK won the IFPI's "2023 Best Album Award" with his first solo single "Seven" released in July last year.
It also ranked 10th on the Global Singles Chart, showing its unrivaled popularity as the only Korean artist to be selected in the top 10.
With this, JUNG KOOK has become the first and only K-pop solo artist to be ranked on both the IFPI Global Singles and Global Albums charts at the same time.
I also set a record.

By chunchun 2024/04/18 23:57 KST