Actor Song Seung Heon will return to audiences in season 2 of "Player: The Brilliant Con Man," titled "Player 2: War of the Kun."
On the 24th, Song Seung Heon's management office KINGKONG by STARSHIP announced, "Song Seung Heon will be the new face of the TV series 'Player: The Brilliant Genius Con Artist.'"
"Song Seung Heon will be making his comeback as Kang Ha-ri in tvN's new Monday-Tuesday TV series 'Player 2: The War of the Goons', which has a new storyline. We ask for your interest and anticipation for Song Seung Heon."
"Player 2: War of the Kun" sees the return of the tricksters, hackers, fighters, drivers and even more powerful "Kuns".
It depicts a team play action scam that gets people excited by "those who have it", especially after season 1.
Not only is the show returning after six years, but fans are also paying close attention to the synergy that will be created by the existing cast and the new characters.
Meanwhile, Song Seung Heon will return to viewers as "Kang Ha-ri" from last season.
Kang Ha-ri is a genius con artist who collects the "illegal money" of those who have filled their stomachs with the blood and tears of others, and is known among the "Kungs."
He is a leader and a person who knows how to deal with evil. This movie gives us a teaser and a thrilling cathartic moment as he designs an even more elaborate plan to fight against the evil.
As "Player 2: The War of the Goons" teases even more powerful action, scale, and brainy play, expectations are high for Song Seung Heon's performance in the drama.
Meanwhile, Song Seung Heon, actress Oh Yeon Seo, actor Lee Si Eon, Tae Won Seok, Jang Gyu Ri and others will appear in tvN's new Monday-Tuesday TV series "Player 2:
"War of the Coons" will begin on June 3rd.

By minmin 2024/04/24 14:18 KST