The track list and part of the audio for the group &TEAM's new single "Samidare" have been released.
&TEAM released the tracklist for their first single "Samidare" on their official SNS at 0:00 on the 24th (Korean time).
The image was posted. There were photos of fallen cherry blossom petals and some postcards scattered around. The postcards included the title track "Samidare" and the title of the three new songs.
The names of the writers who participated in the songwriting with Itol are listed. According to the tracklist, the first single of "&TEAM" includes the title song "Samidare" of the same name.
"Scar to Scar" and "Maybe" have been recorded. As with the previous album, world-class musicians have participated in the songwriting, and "&TEAM"
The title song "Samidare" was produced by Bang Si Hyuk, who has been working with &TEAM since their inception, and Soma
Genda, Slow Rabbit, and Daniel Kim, who has composed hit songs in various genres of K-POP, have teamed up to create this song.
"Scar" was produced by Swedish composer OLLIPOP and HYBE artists such as "BTS", "TOMORROW X TOGETHER", and "ENHYPEN".
Ryan Lawrie, who has collaborated with many K-POP artists, including artists from LABELS, also participated.
Starting with Genda, J-POP hit maker SANO YUUKI, "BTS" Japanese single "Lights" and many other K-POP and J-POP songs
Yoshi, who worked on "Boy With Luv (Feat. Halsey)" by BTS, and Melanie, who worked on "Boy With Luv (Feat. Halsey)" by BTS
Well-known musicians such as Fontana and Lindgren feature in the credits for "Maybe."
Along with the tracklist, &TEAM has also released three track samples containing excerpts from the new songs.
The videos, named A, B, and C without the title of the song, are computer-readable.
The album is made up of photos of postcards, railroad tracks, cherry blossom petals, etc., set against a background of a moving screen. "Samidare," which will be released on May 8th, marks the start of a new series of "&TEAM."
After finishing the "First Howling" series that they have been playing since their debut, they will be telling a new story with the backdrop of spring, summer, fall, and winter.
"Samidare" deals with spring, the first page in the story of the four seasons.

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