Actor Chae Jong Hyeop's VLOG has been released. On the 19th, Chae Jong Hyeop's YNK
On the official YouTube channel of Entertainment, Chae Jong Hyeop posted, “Chae Jong Hyeop, who dreams of becoming the bowling king.
・Jong Hyeop | HAPPY JONGHYEOP DAY" was posted. The video shows Chae Jong Hyeop bowling.
The video also includes a photo of him being presented with a cake and a bouquet of flowers on his birthday. Fans who saw the video sent messages like, "Happy Birthday!
"You're good at bowling," "I'm moved by this precious video," "Hyup, no matter what you do, you're so cute and soothing," "Happy birthday, Jonghyup," and other comments were posted.
Meanwhile, Chae Jong Hyeop held his first fan meeting, "Fi
rst Love" will be held. Also, on June 1st and 2nd, the Fan Meeting "First Love" will be held at Makuhari Messe in Chiba, and on June 8th and 9th, the Fan Meeting "First Love" will be held at World Memorial Hall in Kobe.
Love" will be held.

By minmin 2024/05/19 23:51 KST